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We specialize in providing you with top quality products that’ll make your vehicle perform to the best of its ability. Need to get your vehicle up and running but unsure which is the right part? Come by the store and we’ll make sure to hook you up.
When you leave you, your equipment and your wallet will be happy!

Products: Products
Car Battery and Jumper Cables


Every vehicle operates best with a well-designed battery! We carry a wide selection of batteries to ensure any type of vehicle that needs a battery we can provide. Our variety of batteries include:
Auto, Truck (both light and freight), Marine, RV, Motorcycle, Golf cart and ATV, Farm and Garden (large and small), and Buses.



The most important thing your car needs is often also the most overlooked. Sometimes the battery keeps getting drained by a bad alternator. We want to make sure your car is going to get you where you need to go. So, we offer a FREE alternator test to be sure that a battery is what you need.



When you come to our store we will test the battery to see if it just needs a simple charge. If that is the case and you already have a Diamond Battery in your car, we will charge it for free and offer you a temp battery while it is being charged! If you don't have a Diamond Battery, there will only be a $5 charge for your charge!

Battery Screen


When you buy a Diamond Battery we are happy to install the battery for you for FREE (on most vehicles). We want to make sure your battery is installed correctly and fits for your car so you can get the most out of your Diamond Battery.

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